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Our experts design tailor-made furniture for you, adapted to your interior decoration project. From the veranda, terrace, to the bedroom, through the living room, the dining room and the kitchen, we have for you modern, innovative, practical furniture to embellish and facilitate your daily life. Our furniture is designed to enhance the functionality of your home, its aesthetic appearance and make the daily life of its occupants more pleasant.

Importance et rôle

Architecture helps you visualize how your project will look likeThis service is meant for all of our customers who think ordinary, inexpensive furniture found in conventional shops are boring; who want unique, or at least more modern and innovative pieces, crafted just for them and at their convenience. If you need pieces of furniture and decoration tailored to your daily life and your lifestyle, then this service is made especially for you. when it gets completed. It is the road map to every Contruction project. Without it, you may end up spending so much money to correct mistakes or having a structure that is not as beautiful as you want or being unable to get the true estimated cost of your project. It helps you ensure your satisfaction and save money. Since it’s not an expensive service, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get professional plans for your project

Pourquoi nous choisir ?

TRUVOK furniture is made with meticulousness and finesse, factory quality at an exceptional price. Contemporary, Scandinavian, European, Oriental or even African, whatever style you prefer, we can offer you chic and beautiful pieces, which will sublimate your interiors. You will not have to suffer the inconvenience of bad technicians who make you wait indefinitely for a rendering of less quality. Your quality furniture will be available according to the agreed deadlines.


Comment nous travaillons ?

For all your supply needs, contact TRUVOK by call or WhatsApp at 674744444. Make an appointment; Explain your need to our advisor. Have your architectural plans consulted and / or show your site. Our experts will make design proposals for your custom furniture.

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