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No! We don’t sell land. However, through our extensive network with land owners and real estate agents. We help you find the land parcel that matches your taste and budget. Once you see, verify and are satisfied, you can then buy directly from owner. For our services we charge a fee. If you are interested in buying land, kindly fill the form below

No, we do not finance project. We only execute projects using the funds made available by project owner. However, we can offer guidance and accompany you in the process of obtainment of finance via banks like CREDIT FONCIER, etc.

We plan construction based on clients financing pace and capacity. So, we establish milestones for corresponding amounts and declare the timelines accordingly.

We have completed and ongoing projects in most of the major cities in Cameroon. We build all over the major cities and towns in the Country.

Yes, we can construct the house for you if you already have your plans. Typically, we go through the plans to ensure that it conforms with the norms and best practices, suggest modifications/improvements where needed, discuss payment modalities and scope of work, provide estimate, and then proceed to construction.

The cost of a building depends on many variables including the following; The nature of the land ( whether sloppy or flat, dry or swampy), distance from sources of raw materials( like building material stores),  quality of finishing in the house (  we have floor tiles for 5,000frs per m2 and  up to 100,000frs per m2, taps that cost 5,000frs and those that cost 200,000frs ), Design and size of the house( some designs entail more concrete elements, many more walls, larger windows which are more expensive). Also, the total built surface area affects the cost. So, each project is different. To have a reasonable estimate, it’s advisable to discuss the details of the particular project, design the project and from the approved design/ clients specifications/site reality we can make a reasonable estimate…. any other approach will be a wild misleading guess with a huge margin of error which may become a source of misunderstanding or disagreement down the road. Contact us for personalized assistance.

Yes, we can. We have taken the relay on several projects in a similar state or stage in the past and assured continuity with better management, quality and timely delivery. For this to go smoothly, we need to visit the site and analyze the work done by previous service provider for completeness, defects, and quality, give you a report, then we define scope of work, agree on modalities and proceed.

Yes. All our transactions are legally binding. This attests our commitment and engagement to do what we set out to do and facilitate dispute resolutions if they arise (even though we try our possible best to avoid disputes)

Yes, we can source and acquire all finishing materials you need for your project. You just need to communicate your preference to us and we will be able to proceed. We have suppliers in Italy, Turkey, China and Cameroon.

Yes, under very specific and clear terms we can accept that you provide materials and we bring just workmanship. For this to happen, you will have to take responsibility on procurement, warehousing, security of the materials and compensation of our teams for lost hours on site due to delays in delivery of materials.

Cameroon, Douala, Yassa, opposite Neptune gas station.

No, for now we only have an office in Douala. But our projects span all over the country. So, we can always make ourselves available for meetings wherever necessary.

Of course, we can take you to as many of our completed or ongoing projects as you desire.

Bank transfer or deposit into our business bank account, cash payment, mobile or orange money payments are the most frequently used payment methods. However, we can always discuss other options if needed.

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