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Nous assurons tous travaux de plomberie: installation des sanitaires, installation des circuits d’approvisionnement en eau et d’évacuation des eaux usées; Réparation ou remplacement des anciens circuits et sanitaires.

Importance et rôle

You are in the process of carrying out your construction project, and you want to make sure that your plumbing system is adequate, but above all well laid out in order to minimize the risk of mold on your walls, water leaks in the ground as well as repeated defections that make you spend lavishly and increase your bills; So your plumbing jobs need to be done by masters in the domain. This is why TRUVOK has set up an efficient plumbing service for you.


Pourquoi nous choisir ?

We do not just install your plumbing system and sanitary facilities, but work in collaboration with architects and masons to ensure you a quality service, adapted and functional from all points of view. For this, we carry out studies of your buildings in order to remedy any anomaly likely to make this work less efficient.


Comment nous travaillons ?

Contact TRUVOK and specify your need. – Show your site or building. – Receive a quote for the work. – Your plumbing is ready to be done!

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