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As far as you need glassware in your construction work: shutters, bay on the walls or on the ceiling, your henchman is TRUVOK. We know exactly how to bring home that natural light that you are looking for so much. We can advise you in collaboration with your architect on the orientation and the choice of the place to be lit with a glass panel. You can contact us for your glasswork at all stages of your project: – At the design phase, to discuss with your architect on the choice of natural lighting for your building, or the best positions for your glassware; during the execution phase for assembly and choice of equipment, after construction work, as part of a renovation, if you want to replace your simple window panes, doors or even walls with glass. For assembly and advice, do not hesitate to subscribe to our glassware service.

Importance et rôle

Glassware in the finishing work of your construction project is to be preferred for its transparency, the luminosity and the brightness it brings to the rooms of a house or building. To highlight a beautiful view of paradisiacal vegetation, a beautiful beach or a wonderful hill, nothing like a bay window opening unto the balcony or the veranda! You will also love these glassware as a separation between two contiguous and complementary rooms, to give the impression of a larger space. A small indoor garden behind a bay window can also be a good idea, if you are a decoration lover … For all these beautiful proposals that glassware can bring aesthetically and practically to your daily life, you will not shy away from its presence in your walls. Our teams are ready to do it for you!

Pourquoi nous choisir ?

Our glass work will never leave you in awe of the quality of the material or the assembly of the panels or bays. We offer one of the best service, with the most durable materials possible, according to your budget.

Comment nous travaillons ?

Contact TRUVOK and specify your need. – Make an appointment for a meeting in our offices or a digital interview. – Let’s visit your site or share your project plans with the TRUVOK team. – Receive a quote. – Your work will be completed when due.

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