Cost of building a house in Cameroon is very important because about 55% of Cameroonians own their home ranging from mud brick homes to cemented luxurious mansions. Our multiple ethnicities, all 278 of them, each have one thing in common, the pride of home ownership.

Whether you live in Cameroon or in the diaspora and you have just purchased a prime piece of real estate/land in Cameroon the Cost of building a house in Cameroon will weigh heavily on your mind.

Cost of building a house in Cameroon will depend on many factors such as follows

1. Your budget (if you have one. Yes many individuals have no budget they have an idea but aren’t certain and often get duped for failing to do due diligence)
2. Whether you will be financing a portion or the entire investment.
3. Whether it will be rented or it is for personal use

4. The size of the home you want to build. How many rooms, bathrooms, living rooms etc
5. Amenities you wish to provide (luxury vs affordable)
6. The size, topography of the land you are to develop
7. The location, city, rural, outside the city walls, etc.
8. Whether you intend to do this yourself or hire professional help

Averagely, Costs to look out for include:

a) Geographical Feasibility studies – varies (Optional)
b) Getting Electricity and Water – 390,000xaf
c) Getting Construction Permits Issued by Municipality – In upwards of 500,000xaf
d) Structural Engineer – duration of project approximately 1,200,000xaf
e) Architectural designer in upwards of 800,000xaf
f) Timber – Iroko Wood ranges 18,000xaf per sheet
g) Trucks of Sand and stone 200,000xaf per load
h) Cement – Approximately 4,800xaf per bag
i) Iron/ Aluminium approx. 3,300xaf per sheet
j) Accessories inside- Varies

Point to note, your home will be as expensive as the accessories you place In it. Tiles can range from 3,000xaf square metres to 33,000xaf square metres, toilets, cabinets, lighting, fixtures can escalate costs and in many instances when not checked, these costs may cost more than the value used to buy the land and build the shell/structure in place.

Hence it is wise to pre-select your budget and do everything in your power to stick to it. I know easier said than done.  At Truvok, our fees are reasonable… Contact us at or Call/WhatsApp +(237) 674744444 for details.