1. Classical Architecture

This refers to architecture that is more or less consciously derived from Greek and Roman architecture. Although classical styles of architecture can vary greatly, they can in general all be said to draw on a common vocabulary of decorative and constructive elements.

In much of the western world, different classical architectural styles have dominated the history of architecture up till World War 2. Classical buildings are known for the style and ornamentatiion of their columns and pediments, as well as their precise symmetry and proportions.

2. Modern Architecture

Founded by La Corbusier, modern architecture describes architecture designed and built within the social, artistic and cultural attitude known as modernism.

It puts an emphasis on experimentation, the rejection of predetermined rules and freedom of expression in architecture. It often includes roof gardens, open floor plan, long windows and open facades.

3. Contemporary Architecture

This refers to the current style of architecture. Buildings from the late 20th century to the present moment that include elements such as unconventional or non-linear forms, innovative materials, and sustainable building practices may be refered to as works of contemporary architecture.

Its usage of straight and curved lines also makes living space extremely versatile, allowing you to set out your home in the way you want and subsequently change it in the future if you wish.

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