Site supervision is the process of monitoring and supervising all the construction activities at the site to ensure all construction practices are followed and the legal regulations and standards are enforced. Site supervision plays a vital role in minimizing construction accidents and effectively managing project progress. Here are a few importance of site supervision in construction projects in Cameroon.

Efficiency and productivity

Efficiency and productivity are essential for a project to be completed on time as any delay in construction progress can create a massive direct or indirect cost. Site supervisors are responsible for evaluating the workers’ performances and giving clear instructions so that the workers know exactly what to do in their respective positions.

Quality control

Quality control entails ensuring adherence to the original design and planning decision, which is part of the work scope of the site supervisors. Well-trained site supervisors guarantee the materials, equipment, and system used are of good quality and conform to the standards. Moreover, continuous monitoring of construction progress and quality of work by site supervisors can ensure that the efforts made by workers meet the desired quality.

Budget control

This is to ensure the cost of the project stays within the budget throughout the whole project. Site supervision can help ensure the project’s expenditure is within budget by strictly inspecting the materials and workmanship throughout the construction process. This means that site supervisors should be aware of the prices and cost levels.

Legal aspect

Apart from looking after the safety of the construction site, site supervision also takes care of the legal aspects.  Many legal requirements and acts set standards for supervision and clarify what protocol to be followed and what safety processes must be in place. This ensures conformity with the local laws and standards.

Safety Measures

Regardless of the scale of the construction site, there are possibilities for risks and injuries. While prevention is better than cure, site supervision will have to enforce site safety procedures to minimize work-related injuries or accidents. For instance, ensuring everyone at the site is wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as a safety helmet, safety boots, high-visibility vest, and gloves for safety purposes.

In sum, site supervision can’t be done without if quality and conformity is what is desired from construction projects in Cameroon. It is not an easy task but it is so worth it. Truvok ensures effective site supervision in all her construction projects. Working with a company like ours ensures your peace of mind while your construction site runs smoothly.

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