He has lived here for over 13 years. Here’s a quick review of the $30 million residential home of Africa’s richest man. It is a vivid display of class and luxury. Dangote happens to be a friendly and open man who over time has welcomed into his home media houses such as Africa Cradle, from whom we’ve gotten the images of different sections of his home

The Living room

The entire space is a whole display of Luxury and class. It has a warm and welcoming feeling. The Architect’ placement of furniture within the space is perfect, leaving enough space for circulation. The lighting, from the wall lamps and ceiling Chandelier gives the space an esthetic feeling. The whole of the living room space feels like royalty

The conference room

This is where Mr. Dangote hosts most of his meetings with business associates and government officials. This room has the boardroom style works well if the group is reasonably small and will spend most of the time talking to each other or listening to one or two speakers who are not using a screen.

The kitchen

“They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where the meals are created – it fuels the bodies, minds and souls of friends and families all over the world. Some say that while life may be created in the bedroom, it is certainly lived in the kitchen, ” Aliko Dangote said to Africa Cradle. The kitchen is luxurious, designed and built with a lot of attention, it has all the amenities of a modern kitchen.

The hallway

The entrance to Mr. Dangote’s home has a warm and welcoming feeling. The chandelier and ceiling lights crown up the beautifully built entrance


The Home office

This is Aliko Dangote’s home office, where he does all the business if he is away from his office. “Whether you work from home fulltime or a few hours a week, setting up your home office properly is important for your comfort and productivity,” he said. “I have hosted a number of very important people here, including Bill Gates, President Goodluck Jonathan. Again, much attention and consideration was put into the architecture and construction of this office space within the home.

The bedroom

The bedroom
Modern and class it is. Your comfort is as good as you make it.
“But why should one sleep so much? To relax? Don’t get me wrong, relaxing is good, but if you love to sleep, poverty will be your portion. Well, this is my bedroom, let’s move on – said Dangote to Africa Cradle


The bathroom

And finally the bathroom. Notice the consistency in the type of Chandelier used in certain areas of the house. It’s a modern bathroom, hosting all necessary amenities such as a table with cupboards, mirror and chair

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